Welcome to the new Rayney Daze Graphics. We are starting with a new layout and from there the whole site will be completly gutted and revamped. Hopefully soon we will have an all new staff and sparkeling new graphics for you all! If you are intrested in becoming a staff member then contact me on Subeta at Rayney_Night and on Gaia I am ConPrizePatrol


In With the New, Out(ish) With the Old
This site has been relatively inactive for far too long. Instead of focusing on graphics, since that was something I couldn't do alone and got little to no help from the people who promised it, I am going to focus on cosmetics, a subject I can tackle by myself. Any graphics I already have made will still be available, but I will not be trying to make them the focus of this site. I will be doing a complete overhaul to this site, and my other site (raynesworld.net), I will not promise any time line, but I will try to make regular updates as I get up to speed with the new direction this site will be taking. I will be revamping the forum as well so if you had any favorite posts, save them now before they are deleted or moved. smile
Posted on 17 May 2011 by Rayne
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